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Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, pop-rock artist John Foley always felt like he didn’t belong. As a teen, John struggled with personal identity issues, and he fended off fears and rejection through retreating to an inner sanctum where he sought solace in singing and songwriting. None of his friends knew he was a songwriter—he kept this secret to himself until college. Today, the young singer-songwriter has emerged a promising artist with two EPs, three singles, and the upcoming EP, Spirits. The 5-song collection represents a milestone in assured artistry. 

“Back then, I felt so stifled, and I overthought everything. I used music as a form of therapy,” Foley recalls. “Even today, singing and songwriting helps me process my life. It enables me to talk about things I don’t feel comfortable addressing directly.” 

John is a storyteller lyricist who uses narratives, poetic phrases, and metaphors to process complex truths and life struggles. Within his songs, there are feelings of longing, sadness, healing, and escapism. His soulfully emotive vocals, intimate lyrics, and dynamic pop-rock hooks blur the lines between singer-songwriter traditions, pop, and classic rock. John is influenced by such diverse artists as Tom Petty, Brandi Carlile, Eagles, Amy Winehouse, and Black Sabbath among others. 

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Spirit of Ambition Title - Final
Spirit of The Siren Title - Final
The Spirit of Misfortune Title - Final
the Spirit of Heartbreak Title - Final
Spirit of The Lost Title - Final

With the release of the Spirits EP, John Foley brings a new feel to a classic genre, lush with addicting guitar progressions, soulful vocals, and a classic rock attitude.

Spirits Cover Final.jpg
Another Lover
00:00 / 03:33
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Follow The Water
00:00 / 04:30
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Aces High
00:00 / 03:57

“I don’t set out to write about specific stories or topics. I just let the songs take me. A lot of times, I write songs and think they’re not about me, and then I look back, and go ‘oh yeah, that’s really specifically about me,’” John says laughing. 

Spirits is conceptually and artistically linked with Specters. The Spirits’ song “What Fades Away” references both titles in the chorus with the lyrics: And I don’t know what fades away/And I don’t know what’s here to stay/Specters come and spirits go/Teach me all there is to know. The sessions for both releases took place at the same time, though Spirits shows a progression of sound and vision. Thematically, Specters is dark and moody, and Spirits is lighter and more enlightened. From a songwriting and production perspective, this release may be John’s finest. The songs are his strongest; his vocals are visceral, vulnerable yet also polished; and the production is crisp and features intuitive ensemble band interplay which dynamically enhance the songs’ sentiments. The musicians on these songs include John’s father, and his dad’s community of seasoned vet musicians.

Spirits Cover Final.jpg
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