John Foley

Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, alt-rock artist John Foley always felt like he didn’t belong. As a teen, John struggled with personal identity issues, and he fended off fears and rejection through retreating to an inner sanctum where he sought solace in singing and songwriting. None of his friends knew he was a songwriter—he kept this secret to himself until college. Today, the young singer-songwriter has emerged a promising artist with two EPs, two singles, and the newly released EP, Spirits. The 5-song collection represents a milestone in assured artistry. 

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With the upcoming release of the Spririts EP, John Foley brings a new feel to a classic genre, lush with addicting guitar progressions, soulful vocals, and a classic rock attitude.

Hey Little Witch
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Follow The Water
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Aces High
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“I don’t set out to write about specific stories or topics. I just let the songs take me. A lot of times, I write songs and think they’re not about me, and then I look back, and go ‘oh yeah, that’s really specifically about me,’” John says laughing. 


Music has taken John on a profound path of self-discovery that has allowed him to connect with others, and not feel so isolated. “Having people believe in me and my music, and reach out to me through social media is so powerful. That bond with others is so special. That they relate to the emotions I’m expressing is super satisfying,” John says. Up next, John is working on new music which he hints will be more in the folk and Americana spirit and directly address some very personal topics. 


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